Monday, September 14, 2015

Keeping Member Prices Low: How to Support

The site participates in eBay's affiliate program (EPN), so any links that take you from or directly to eBay or to a particular item will earn the site money from eBay. It costs nothing for you, but it helps me out a whole lot.

How to get eBay to pay directly at no cost to you

a. Use search alerts - when you login, look for the little "Alert" link in the upper right of the member screen.  You can create custom searches over completed items and items currently active on eBay.  Results get sent directly to your email.

b. Use - it is the main portal to searching for active items on eBay. I collect active item data just like I do completed, and I am building up an arsenal of search tools that will let anyone find good deals.  The next big feature I am working on is one that automatically finds the best deals by comparing the active items to the millions of data points I have for completed auctions.  Be on the look out for this in the next couple of months.

c. Bookmark the link It will take you directly to eBay. Please use it any time you just want to go to eBay to buy whatever. Every little bit of traffic I send to them will help.

d. Please spread the word about (it is free for everyone) and the underutilized Search Alert feature on

How to help promote the site

a. Leave us a "5 Star" review on our Facebook site - If you can't give the site 5 Stars, let me know what needs to happen so that you feel comfortable doing so.

b. Tell your fellow collectors about and Spread the word!

c. Lastly, send me feedback -  best if it's constructive criticism or ideas for new features! Email, call, or text is all fine.

Thank you for being loyal friends of, and remember that I want to hear from you about what you don't like and what features you'd like to see!

WWW && YiS,

PS: in addition the data mining I will be doing to find you the best patch deals on eBay, I am actively researching how to create an iPhone App myself; it won't happen tomorrow, but where there is a will, there is a way. My hope is that this will make the service even more accessible to members of our community.