Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Free Accounts for Youth Scout Traders

First - What is Patchtrends.com and Why should you care?

I have begun a pilot program that provides to youth Scout traders a FREE fully functioning Patchtrends.com membership account, provided they fulfill the following requirements:
  1. Get parent/guarding permission by sending an email to patchtrends@gmail.com
  2. Scoutmaster verification that:
    • they are First Class or above; or
    • they have earned the Collections Merit Badge
I understand that "youth" in OA is under 21, so if there is an Arrowman who is still active in their Chapter or Lodge, I will consider them as long as they are also still active in the Troop. This may be verified by the Scoutmaster.  If extenuating circumstances exist, please contact me. I'd be willing to make an exception in certain cases.