Thursday, January 9, 2014

Updates, Hopes, and Dreams for the New Year!


So far the New Year has been good. I have not posted in a while, but I've just been busy continuing to improve the site's ability to collect and store data for a very long time. as a service began operations in January of 2013, so we've been up and running for a year now.  In that time, we collected over 1.4 MILLION records and have succeeded in becoming a very popular service.

New Subscription Price Increase

Because of the maintenance and overhead involved in the service, we have decided to raise the base subscription rate to $17/year for all NEW subscriptions.

I can't stress enough the fact that once a subscription is bought and paid for, it will never go up. Only new subscriptions will increase. This is important because I plan on increasing the price for new subscriptions each year for the foreseeable future.  The price increase will only ever apply to new subscriptions.

Refer a Friend

The RaF program is still in place and has encourage a fair number of sign ups. is a useful and valuable service, and should be appropriate for anyone buying and selling on eBay - even the casual buyer or seller.

New Projects

Late last year, I launched a service for tracking the prices of Virtual and Crypto-Currencies on eBay.  The project is called Check it out if you want to find the best prices on virtual currencies.

Goals for the New Year

  • One-time use mode, for those not interested in subscriptions
  • Statistical reports for all the data we're collecting
  • Spreading the word about
  • Continuing our excellent customer service
  • Seek out more user feedback and strive to make improvements to the site
Thank you, and please remember to spread the word about!