Friday, November 8, 2013

November Newsletter -

1. Update to Data Usage Policy,
2. Refer a Friend Program
3. No new "Monthly" accounts
4. TOR Organizers, FREE demo account for your events

Update to Data Usage Policy

First, is NOT affiliated in any way with

I have decided that for the time being, I am going to allow anyone who is both a member of *and* may contribute sales data to

In other words, one may use as a research tool for contributing price points to the database.

I am doing this for the good of the hobby and the fact that I believe with enough momentum, can really take off as a useful service. I want to help here. at the present has over 1 MILLION auctions saved, and I don't want to be selfish with this data.

If you are the owner or wish to create a focused price guide website for a particular area of the hobby, please contact me. I may be willing to offer the same to your users. I don't want to overlap collection areas (e.g., focuses on OA issues). However, I would like to do the same for camp patches, csps, merit badges, etc. As long as it's a targeted type of item.

Refer a Friend Program

I an effort to reach more potential users, I am offering to existing members of with a Yearly membership the opportunity to have a FREE annual membership ($15 value).

For up to 3 referrals signing up for a Yearly account, I will reimburse the referrer $5 of the original cost of membership. Getting 3 referrals to sign up will get you the full $15 back.


* referrer must be a Yearly members
* referred new member must sign up for a yearly subscription
* this $5 reward is one time only, members must get 3 new sign ups per year (no carry over)

I have a brief video on how to use the "Refer a Friend" tool that members will see once they've logged in.

No New "Monthly" Accounts Being Accepted

All monthly accounts will be allowed to remain active, but from now on I am only accepting annual subscriptions.

 TOR Organizers, FREE demo account for your events

If you are a TOR organizer, please contact me. I'd like to provide a FREE demo account for use by your TOR's participants for the duration of the event. The idea is to give you something to promote it as a benefit of coming - particularly for potential buyers to increase their awareness about the current value or demand of a particular item.


Please feel free to email me directly with questions or call me at any time. I am particularly interested in continuously improving the site from the member side and offering new features. Please let me know what you'd like to see!

Thank You,

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