Monday, August 26, 2013

Subscribe to Custom Free Search Results via RSS! Create as many as you like.

We have now added RSS feeds to the Free Search.

This means one may now save as a "live bookmark" the latest results of a specific free search.  Steps for creating one of these links:
  1. visit
  2. enter search terms for the new feed
  3. click the "Subscribe to search" link, this will generate the RSS feed URL

The next step depends on what browser one uses. If FireFox, it'll offer to save the link as a "live bookmark".  Chrome displays the raw content. Either way, one can use any number of RSS Readers out there.

The reader will now update the items in the list as adds new items.  There is no limit to the number of customized search feeds one may create, so go for it!

The below screenshot is what it looks like in Firefox (for example):

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