Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recent Enhancements to Free Online Boy Scout Price Search at @santeeswapper

We have been hard at work making the free search something that is useful for those not yet ready to make the jump to full membership, yet enticing enough to make them realize the value of such a yearly membership.

Below is a summary of the recent changes. Following this description is a summary of upcoming enhancements that we hope to implement very soon.

Search Result Thumbnails

When you search in the free search section, one will see tiny thumbnails of the images. While some of the most recent images may not be available immediately, most are. However, the images are not the full size and large images one will see in the membership search. It's useful, but still not what most may want.  The full membership search has much larger thumbnails and links to the full size images. The image below illustrates results for a search of Unami flaps. Free Price Search Thumbnails

Permanent Free Search Links

One may now link specific searches in the public search section. For example, the following URL contains the search terms.

Once loaded in the browser, the search is immediately triggered as if the user clicked the "find" button. It's very convenient for linking to searches one may submit frequently.

Permanent Link Generator

Once a set of search terms has been found, one may generate the permanent search link easily by clicking the "save search URL" link. A window will pop up with the encoded URL that may be copy and pasted anywhere. This feature has a lot of room to develop, but the core functionality is there. Free Search Permalink Generator

Auction Links

Each item that shows in the limited listing has a link that points back to the eBay auction with full information on the item. This convenience was added so that users could find out the details and find an item like it for their own if so desired.

The free search is being improved for casual use, but those interested in more detailed information and a more efficient user interface will definitely want to join as a member.  More on the benefits of membership may be seen at

Please stay tuned for more posts about using and how we're constantly striving to improve this resource for the hobby.

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