Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fun Fact of the Day - Only 20% of BSA Memorabilia Sells

With all of the data that is collecting daily, it is interesting to see what kind of facts one can derive.

For example, at last count since the beginning of the year less than 20% of the auction listings for Boy Scout Memorabilia have actually sold!

This means several things are happing:
  1. starting prices are too high
  2. only 20% of the items are actually of interest to buyers
  3. items of interest are priced too high
Only the member search of will show the unsold items, which is information that is arguably as important as knowing what an item sold for. The free search is useful, but not for deeply analyzing these trends.

Many auctions that we track are also the same item relisted over and over again for the same price. Seems like Einstein's definition of insanity certainly applies here.

This, however, presents a huge opportunity for buyers who are interested in less popular items. There are tremendous steals out there for older and rarer items. But because people don't know about them or collect them, they sit unsold. Find those hidden treasures!

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