Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Patchtrends.com Is Go For Launch!

Introducing Patchtrends.com!

Summary from Scouting Hot Finds Radio,
"Join me for the launch of a new and invaluable resource for the Boy Scout meorabilia collecting community.  Brett Estrade and I are formally launching http://www.patchtrends.com in this episode.  Roughly a year ago I published an episode of the radio show that finally comes to fruition tonight.  In that show on the Prices Realized Guides I longed for an online solution that would make the whole project more robust, searchable, and easily accessed by all collectors in the hobby.  When I was approached to partner with Brett Estrade on a new website that would do all that and much much more I jumped at the opportunity.  After several months of tweaks and feedback from beta users the site is now live as an online prices realized search tool for the hobby.  Catering strictly to the Boy Scout category of eBay this powerful program captures all completed sales listings (including images!) in an off-site database.  Subscribers to this new service can then type in any search term and pull up all results that match the query.  The database already has results from 500,000 listings and is growing every day.  I really feel this site will become as indispensible to collectors as OAimages.com.  However, since it is open to every niche in the hobby from OA to camps to Eagle medals anybody can use the service to value and research items.  This could be a game-changer!  Listen tonight as Brett and I explain how the idea came about, a little bit about the mechanics, and how for only $2/month you can test out the service with a money-back guarantee."

Listen to the broadcast - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/santeeswapper/2013/06/13/shf-radio-patchtrendscom-is-go-for-launch

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